Grace Defies Gravity

On my way to work one morning, I stopped by my favorite coffee shop as I normally do every morning, but that day was different. I felt reflective and a pulling inside myself to uncover something brewing. It wasn’t a feeling of unrest or anxiousness, but more of a feeling of soul searching. As I continued to make my way through the line, there it was. A simple headline on the morning newspaper, but carried so much weight and truth.

The headline read “Grace Defies Gravity”. At that moment, it was a confirmation. Confirmation that I am on the right path to go after my dreams. Confirmation that although sometimes the road isn’t defined or clear, it is predestined. I will reach my destination if I learn how to ride the waves. Adjustments are necessary on the way to your destination.

Be flexible. Be in expectancy. Enjoy the journey to your grace to be.