Website Case Studies

Below are a few projects serviced by Grace2Be. 


New life house of faith

At New Life House of Faith, our purpose is to go into all the world, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples; with a mission to equip and empower believers to bring the influence of the kingdom of heaven into the cultures of the world.



Our mission is to provide alternative, correction programs to help offenders develop skill sets to transition back into the community by empowering them to use their gifts and talents to create change and desire not to return to prison; by adding value to their lives through discipline and strength training spiritually, mentally, and physically through faith-based principles.


renewed mind music & media group

Our Mission: Connecting brand to purpose.
Taking existing brand and building upon it to develop connection with social responsibility as an extension of who you are.
Our Vision: To help bring out artist gifts and help to expose their greater good in their product or service.
Our Purpose: We help clients fill in their storyline and defining who they really are.