Class-E is an online education platform for coaching, training, and development personally and professionally. We provide advice to help you watch out for blind spots that you may not know are there. From marketing your business or event down to the details of execution. 

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There are marketing basics to breaking through the clutter of companies that may appear to offer the exact same thing as you do. However, what sets you a part from the others is your brand identity. In business, your brand identity is just as unique as your business DNA. What are you saying about you verbally and non-verbally? Do you have a target market? Do you have a business that meets a need?


Lifetime learner

We should all strive to be a lifetime learner. Life will teach you things along the way to help us grow and to prepare for what's coming up next. Do you have a mentor? Mentors are those people who like to pay it forward by sharing their experience and life lessons.

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Team up

A business should have starting players who are the core. We like to call these people the Front Row.