Meet Kim

Kim's Bio

Founder of Grace2Be

An illuminating smile, vivacious laugh, and a heart that carries compassion for anyone she encounters Kimberly Adams is the epitome of class.  Though humility and warmth, cascade through her veins, power and sophistication almost naturally beam from her like a light in both her business and personal life. 

Kim, as everyone calls her, received her greatest joys from her love of the little things in her life, the building blocks that make her who she is, and the chance meetings along the way, and feels those things were secret to her success.

An Old Dominion University graduate, and Media Director at a top advertising agency in Chicago, IL, Kim founded Grace2be in August 2016, to help women focus on building a solid foundation in their own lives by understanding one simple principle, live your truth!  This revelation hit her as she journeyed through her own life often masking the person that she was, and allowing her fears to hinder her progress.  She recognized that even with a strong family unit, unless you are truthful with yourself and what your life really is, life will give you a rude awakening when you are forced to face some of your greatest hurdles in your life on your own.

As she began to maneuver her route to finding her peace, Kim, did a lot of self-reflection, and worked hard to get a better grip on what her reality was.  She had to identify her truth, in order to redirect fear into perseverance.

During this process, numerous opportunities came her way putting her in a place of influence professionally, and now not only was she able to help herself, but was now in a position where she was networking with other women in various industries, motivating her even more to seek out what satisfied her, in addition to ways to become a resource to other women who were also trying to find their way, but just needed a little direction.

Kim desired for women to see that life was more than a paycheck. She believed that if you discover something that you love, and work hard and are passionate about it then the resources that are required to become a success in that area will be provided to you.  The gifts, the tools, and the connections that are needed will soon be there. Not by seeking it out, but by waiting on God’s grace to fall upon you at that precise moment in time when favor hits your life.

From that place, Grace2be was born, a networking group that assists women with finding the resources they need in order to be successful in whatever venture they embark on while embracing the truth in their lives and discovering their hidden passion.  Kim encourages women to live authentically and start taking steps into the best part of their lives.

Kim motivates others to learn from every obstacle, challenge, success and loss.  Don’t rush things, your destiny isn’t going anywhere, and be sure to appreciate the relationships you make along the way.  Your next encounter with grace awaits!

Written by:  Fatima Alexander